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36 . When Mrs. Black reached the shop, Mr. Kevin ______ already _______.
A. was ... left B. has ... left
C. have ... left D. had ... left

37 . "I ______ to Mrs Sze about your matter. She wants you to see her as soon as possible," Mr. Goh said.
A. have spoken B. has spoken
C. had spoken D. are spoken

38 . When Mariah reached home, Mike ______ dinner.
A. have cooked B. has cooked
C. had cooked D. is cooked

39 . I ______ along the road for a kilometer when I realized that I was on the wrong road.
A. have driven B. am driven
C. has driven D. had driven

40 . We ______ watching television when the phone rang.
A. were B. had
C. has D. have