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11 . The members ______ for a new committee in the coming meeting.
A. were voting
B. are voting
C. had voted
D. have noted

12 . They ______ ready for his moment for weeks.
A. get
B. get getting
C. will get
D. have been getting

13 . ______ Pam and Bobby ______ the rules ?
A. Were, knowing B. Does, knows
C. Are, knowing D. Do, know

14 . Shareen ______ her driving test on the first attempt.
A. is passing B. passed
C. was passing D. has been passing

15 . The old lady ______ for a long time before she ______ away.
A. had been suffering, passed
B. is suffering, passed
C. has suffered, was passing
D. was suffering, had passed