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6 . Firemen who battled the fire reported that is ______ under control after forty minutes.
A. can be brought B. was brought
C. has been brought D. is brought

7 . The students ______ to leave the building immediately.
A. have been ordered B. will order
C. ordered D. have ordered

8 . In future, famous singers ______ to perform at charity concerts.
A. has been invited B. will be invited
C. were invited D. are invited

9 . The roof may have been leaking for the past few weeks but you do not have to worry about it any longer. It ______ now.
A. is being repaired B. is repairing
C. was repaired D. has repaired

10 . The price ______, but I doubt whether it will remain so.
A. will go down
B. went down
C. was going down
D. has gone down