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1 . What is Gender?
A. Words that stand for males only
B. Words that stand for female only
C. It tells if a person is a male or a female
D. It is the capital of Barbados

2 . Boy, man, uncle, fireman, grandfather are...
A. Feminine titles
B. Masculine titles
C. Both Feminine and Masculine titles
D. None of the above

3 . Examples of feminie titles are ...
A. Mother and daughter
B. Girl and grandfather
C. Policeman and waitress
D. None of the above

4 . What is the feminine of bachelor?
A. Gentlewoman B. Heroine
C. Dame D. Spinster

5 . What is the feminine of earl?
A. Countess B. Baroness
C. Waitress D. Seamstress