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1 . To keep the wolf away from the door
A. To keep alive
B. To keep away from extreme poverty
C. To hold the difficulties and dangers in check
D. To keep off an unwanted and undesirable person

2 . To fly off the handle
A. To dislocate
B. To lose one’s temper
C. To take of
D. To be indifferent

3 . To break the ice
A. To start a conversation
B. To start quarreling
C. To end up partnership
D. To end the hostility

4 . To look sharp
A. To speak roughl
B. To be attentive and active
C. To concentrate
D. To be quick

5 . To have brush with
A. To be impressed
B. To have a slight encounter
C. To start painting
D. To have good and pleasing terms