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11 . I know him.
A. He was known to me
B. He is known by me
C. He has been known by me
He is known to me

12 . The clown was being laughed at by them.
A. They were laughing at the clown
B. They laughed at the clown
C. The clown was laughed at by them
D. They were laughing on the clown

13 . I saw him leaving the house
A. He was seen to be leaving the house
B. Leaving the house he was seen by me
C. He had been seen leaving the house
D. He was seen leaving the house by me

14 . A lion may be helped even by a little mouse
A. Even a little mouse ought to help a lion
B. Even a little mouse may help a lion
C. A little mouse may even help a lion
D. A little mouse can even help a lion

15 . Who teaches you English
A. English is taught by whom
B. By whom will you be taught English
C. By whom are you taught English
D. By whom were you taught English