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1 . "Education psychology is the science of education."-The definition was given by
A. B.F.Skinner B. Crow and Crow
C. R.B.Cattell D. E.A.Peel

2 . Who among the following does not belong to' Gestalt Psychology' ?
A. Kurt Lewin B. I.P.Pavlov
C. Wolfgang Kohler D. All of these

3 . The super ego is the direct antithesis of Id." This statement is
A. True B. False
C. Partially True D. Absurd in nature

4 . Concrete operational stage of human cognitive development ocures age range from...........
A. About 2 to 7 Years
B. From birth to 2 years
C. About 7 to 11 Years
D. About 12 to 15 years

5 . The term 'development includes .............................
A. Only Structural Changes
B. Only Functional Changes
C. Both structural and functional changes
D. None of these



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