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21 . Which is not the ‘Primary Law’ of Learning:
A. Law of Readiness
B. Law of Exercise
C. Law of Partial Activity
D. Law of effect

22 . Jung classified people into:
A. Extrovert B. Introvert
C. Ambivert D. All of these

23 . A process of helping the individual to discover his own talents and to find his place is called:
A. Education B. Learning
C. Guidance D. None of these

24 . The most characteristic integration of an individual’s structures, modes of behavior, interests, attitude, capacities, abilities and aptitudes is called:
A. Thinking B. Personality
C. Mental Health D.

25 . Introspection was rejected because it was too:
A. Subjective B. Objective
C. Time consuming D. Old



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