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16 . The branch of study which applies psychological inputs into teaching-learning process is:
A. Experimental Psychology
B. Development Psychology
C. Cognitive Psychology
D. Educational Psychology

17 . Which one is not the Principle of Growth and Development?
A. Principle of Uniform Pattern
B. Principle of Specific to General Response
C. Principle of Continuous Growth
D. Principle of Individual Differences

18 . The method which inspects the overt behavior of a person:
A. Introspection B. Interview
C. Observation D. Case Study

19 . Following are the Emotional characteristics of which period:
A. Childhood B. Adolescence
C. Infancy D. Adulthood

20 . Who said, “Whole learning is definitely better than part learning”.
A. Woodworth B. Stout
C. William Jemes D. Sleight



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