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146 . Two miscible liquids, for which boiling point difference is less than 20 – 25 K can be separated by which of the following method:
A. Simple distillation method
B. Fractional distillation method
C. Sublimation method
D. Steam Distillation method

147 . How many number of sodium atoms are present in 6.9 g of sodium element:
A. 18.066 × 1023
B. 18.066 × 1024
C. 1.81 × 1023
D. 1.81 × 1022

148 . Plasma : which is considered forth state of matter. It contains :
A. Microparticles enclosed inside a fluorescent tube
B. Particle are super energetic and super exited and are in the form of ionized gases
C. Only ionised particle in the form of gases
D. Low density gas formed by cooling, about one hundred thousandth density of normal air to a super low temperature

149 . Which of the following solution will show tyndall effect:
A. Salt solution
B. Copper sulphate solution
C. Milk solution
D. Sugar solution

150 . Which of the following compound now a days is mixed petrol and used as ‘Cleaner fuel’:
A. Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
B. Acetic acid
C. Benzonic acid 
D. Ethanol



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