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11 . Children often learn by watching television. This type of learning is called:
A. The law of effect

B. Observational Learning
C. Positive reinforcement
D. Reciprocal determination

12 . According to Freud, which part of the mind is composed mainly of life and death instincts?
A. Id B. Ego
C. Superego D. None of these

13 . Which method of personality assessment attempts to tell unconscious wishes and idea:
A. Projective Tests B. Interviews
C. Objective Test D. None of the above

14 . Which of the following the types of reinforce?
A. Primary and Secondary
B. Positive & Negative
C. Both (A) & (B)
D. None

15 . With what different name is Short Term Memory known?
A. Immediate Memory B. Permanent Memory
C. Quick Memory D. Primary Memory



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