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56 . Who is awarded with ‘Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmi Bai Stri Shakti Puraskar’ in Himachal Pradesh:
A. Gambhri Devi B. Sita Gosain
C. Suman Rawat D. Kinkri Devi

57 . When is the ‘World Health Day’ observed:
A. April 7 B. April 22
C. April 21 D. April 23

58 . ‘Budapest’ is the capital of:
A. Hungary B. Indonesia
C. Heti D. Bulgaria

59 . What was the period of Second world war:
A. 1937-1942 B. 1939-1945
C. 1941-1947 D. 1935-1940

60 . Which Article of Indian Constitution describes about the right to constitution describes about the right to constitutional remedies?
A. Article 20 B. Article 29
C. Article 25 D. Article 32



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