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1 . The concept of intelligence Quotient ‘IQ’ is given by
A. J.P. Guilfgord B. Alfred Binet
C. J.S. Bruner D. William Sterm

2 . ‘Humanist Theory’ of personality is advocated by
A. McDougal B. Maslow
C. Rogers D. Guilford

3 . ‘Children activity construct their understanding of the world.’ Is a statement attributed to
A. Pavlov B. Skinner
C. Piaget D. Kohlberg

4 . Learning Disability in motor skills is called:
A. Dyspraxia B. Dyscalculia
C. Dyselexia D. Dysphasia

5 . Which one of the following conditions qualifies to be an instance of negative reinforcement:
A. Giving a punishment
B. Withdrawing a reward
C. Withdrawing a painful stimulus
D. Excessive Rewarding



General Knowledge