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41 . Who got the Dada Sahib Phalke Award-2015?
A. Gulzar B. Amitab Bachchan
C. Sashi Kapoor D. Asha Bhosle

42 . In which Country ODI Cricket World Cup 2019 will be played?
A. South Africa B. India and Srilanka
C. England D. West Indies

43 . Which Indian State has been declared the First Digital State?
A. Kerala B. Karnataka
C. Gujarat D. Maharashtra

44 . Which one is not a ruler of Guler state?
A. Hari Chand B. Hamir Chand
C. Ram Chand D. Abhey Chand

45 . Article 21 A of Indian Constitution is related to
A. Equality B.  Freedom
C. Education D. Religion



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