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36 . Which state implemented the Panchayati Raj System First?
A. Uttar Pradesh B. Rajasthan
C. Maharashtra D. Bihar

37 . What percentage of earth’s surface is covered with water?
A. 71.2% B. 70.8%
C. 69.9% D. 72.1%

38 . Koldam Hydro project has the capacity to produce………………. MW power
A. 800 B. 1478
C. 1131 D. 1000

39 . Monsoon is related to-
A. Hot winds B.  Seasonal winds
C. Wet winds D. Tropical winds

40 . National Institute of disaster Management is located at
A. Vikaram Nagar, New Delhi
B. Vijay Nagar, Delhi
C. Tilak Nagar, Delhi
D. Noida



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