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26 . According to the Right to Education Act, admission of children to a particular class has been proposed to be on the basis of
A. ability  of the child  
B. age of the child
C. socio economic status of child
D.  education of the parents

27 . On the basis of child psychology which statement is appropriate?
A. Every child is same
B. Every child is special
C. Some children are special
D. Some children are same

28 . What is the main objective of teaching Math, according to NCF 2005?
A. To give knowledge of arithmeticts to the children
B. To develop interest towards math
C. To develop logical and problem solving ability in the children
D. Emotional development of child

29 . A teacher can identify a stressed child when the child shows the following behavior-
A. Aggressive behavior B. Mistakes in learning
C. Excessive talking D. Hyperactivity

30 . The stress affects performance in examination. This fact reflects which of following relationship?
A. Cognitive-Emotion  
B. Stress-Omission
C. Performance-Anxiety 
D. Cognition-Competition



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