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21 . Out of the following which stimulate fear emotions?
A. Pain
B. Sudden Natural Stimulus
C. Dark Place
D. Sudden fall of things

22 . Which is the basic foundation of Social Development of Boys and Girls?
A. School
B. Parents
C. Community
D. Mode of public communication

23 . A teacher should make an attempt to understand the potentialities of her/his students. Which of the following fields is related to this objective?
A. Educational Sociology
B. Social Philosophy
C. Media-Psychology 
D. Educational Psychology

24 . “Senses are the gateways of knowledge” was emphasised by
A. Confucius B. Gurunanak
C. Mahaveera D. Rousseau

25 . According Piaget, Egocentric is
A. Environment is the centre of the knowledge   
B. Child is the centre of world and everything revolves around him
C. Sensory Motor Stage
D. None of these



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