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16 . Which one of the following pair would be most appropriate choice to complete the following sentence? Children…………………………… faster when they are involved in the activities that seems to be…………………….
A. Forget; useful in a classroom
B. Recall; linked with their class work only
C. Memorize; culturally neutral
D. Learn; useful in real life

17 . ‘Dyslexia’ is associated with
A. Mental disorder
B. Mathematical disorder
C. Reading disorder
D. Behavioural disorder

18 . Kritika who does not talk much at home, talks a lot at school; it shows that
A. the school provides opportunities to children to talk a lot 
B. teachers demand that children should talk a lot at school
C. She does not like her home at all 
D. Her thoughts get acknowledged at school

19 . Which one of the following methods helps to study children with special needs?
A. Case Study Method
B. Introspection Method
C.  Interview Method 
D.  Experimental Method

20 . Who said that –‘Mental hygiene means investigation of the laws of mental health and taking of measures for its preservation’
A. Drever B. Headfield
C. Kuppuswamy D. None of these



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