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11 . If a teacher provides reinforcement after every two correct responses of a child, then it is called as
A. Fixed Interval Schedule
B. Fixed Ratio Schedule
C. Variable Ratio Schedule
D. None of these

12 . Incidental learning means
A. Learning through incidents 
B. Unintentional Learning
C. Learning outside the classroom
D. Planned Learning

13 . “I spent my childhood days in Shimla” ; remembering this is
A. Long Term Memory B. Procedural Memory
C. Episodic Memory D. Semantic Memory

14 . The formula for calculating ‘Intelligence Quotient’ (IQ) is
A. MA/CA*100 B.  CA/MA*100
C. MA/100*CA D. None of these

15 . Projective techniques are used to assess…………………….
A. Intelligence B. Attitude 
C. Personality D. Aptitude



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