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6 . The term 'Homeostasis was coined by....
A. Erickson B. Cannon
C. Thorndike D. Freud

7 . Learning of mathematical tables by children is an example of
A. Paired-Associate Learning
B. Concept Learning
C. Classical conditioning
D. Serial Learning

8 . Who is known as father of behaviourism?
A. J.B.Watson B. E.R.Guthrie
C. Donald Hebb D. Kurt Lewin

9 . The removal or withdrawal of a negative reinforce
A. decreases the occurrence of particular behaviour
B. increases the occurrence of particular behavior
C. brings no change in behavior
D. None of these

10 . The picture of a horse is
A. An iconic stimulus B. Concrete stimulus
C. Signal stimulus D. Symbolic stimulus



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