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1 . The first Earth sumit was held at:
A. Buenos Aires B. Rio de Janeiro
C. Dar-es-Salam D. None of these

2 . Where was the Fifth BRICS Summit hosted by South Africa in March 2013?
A. Pretoria B. Cape Town
C. Durban D. Johannesburg

3 . The headquarters of which one of the following organizations is NOT in Geneva?
A. Food and Agricultural Organization
B. World Meteorological Organization
C. World Health Organization
D. World Trade Organization

4 . Which country has been admitted in July 2013 as the 28th member of the European Union?
A. Bulgaria B. Croasia
C. Cyprus D. Romania

5 . BRICS leaders signed the agreement to establish a New Development Bank at the summit held in:
A. New Delhi, India(2012)
B. Durban, South Africa(2013)
C. Fortaleza, Brazil(2014)
D. Ufa, Russia(2015)