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36 . Chinook is a:
A. cold wind in Europe
B. tropical desert storm in West Asia
C. warm wind in North America
D. depressions in South Africa

37 . The Westerlies have their origin in the:
A. Polar highs B. Subtropical highs
C. Equatorial lows D. Sub polar lows

38 . Jet streams are-
A. high velocity winds at high altitudes
B. high velocity winds in central part of India
C. high velocity winds in the Southern Hemisphere
D. high velocity winds in desert areas

39 . Which one of the following is not a correct example of tropical cyclone:
A. Tornadoes B. Typhoons
C. Hurricanes D. Northwesters

40 . The dry wind 'Santa Ana' blows in:
A. Siberia B. Argentina
C. Switzerland D. California