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1 . The summer and winter seasons in a year are caused by
A. aphelion(farthest) and perihelion(nearest) positions of the Earth from the Sun during the annual revolution
B. rotation in solar insolation 
C. variation in solar insolation
D. revolution of the Earth on its inclined axis

2 . Magnetic meridian is an imaginary
A. line along north-south
B. point
C. vertical plane
D. horizontal plane

3 . Advanced sunrise and delayed sun-set found in the sky are due to the phenomenon of-
A. diffraction of sunlight
B. refraction of sunlight
C. scattering of sunlight
D. total internal reflection of sun-light

4 . The circle of illumination divides Earth into two hemispheres known as:
A. East and West B. North and South
C. Day and Night D. Summer and Winter

5 . Which planet was named after the Roman God Zesus?
A. Mars B. Earth
C. Venus D. Jupiter