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16 . Acyl carrier protein (ACP) plays an important role in the biosynthesis of
A. sugars B. fatty acids
C. amino acids D. carbohydrates

17 . Who discovered vitamin C (ascorbic acid)?
A. Paul Berg B. Kerry Mull
C. Linus Pauling D. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

18 . Selenium is an essential component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase which
A. oxidizes toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
B. reduces toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
C. scavenges toxic hydoperoxycompounds in tissues
D. none of the above

19 . A deficiency of niacin causes
A. scurvy B. anemia
C. cataract D. pellagra

20 . Models of end-linked Osaka VI Fibrinogen dimers, a bilayer dimer is linked at
A. both ends by one disulfide bond
B. both ends by two disulfide bonds
C. either end via a single disulfide bond
D. either end via two disulfide bonds