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146 . RDA recommnedation for calcium in both men and women are
A. 100 B. 101
C. 1000 D. 1001

147 . Sodium function is
A. Muscle contaction
B. Maintain blood pressure
C. Maintain body electrolyte balance maintan electrolyte balance
D. All of the above

148 . Which are minerals have electrical chared particles
A. Sodium B. Calcium
C. Chloride D. All of the above

149 . RDA recommnedations for Potassium are
A. 600 for men 7,000 for women
B. 7,000 for men 600 for women
C. 7,400 for both men and women
D. 7,600 for both men and women

150 . Proper use of iron in the body that converted ferrous iron (F2+) to ferric iron (F3+) so that iron (F3+ ) can be transported in the blood. Help to protect the body against free radical damage Involved
A. Copper B. Flouride
C. Selenium D. Magnesium