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141 . Which major mineral functions as Bone and tooth formation, Blood clotting, Nerve impulse transmission muscle contraction ?
A. Iron B. Zinc
C. Calcium D. None of these

142 . Bone has two types of cells what are they -
A. osteoblast B. osteoclast
C. all of the above D. none of these

143 . Which bone cell secrete collagen and then pull calcium and phosphorus from the blood to form a hardened material that provide structure of bone ?
A. Osteocalst B. Osteoblast
C. both (a) and (b) D. none of these

144 . Which bone cell breaks down hardened materials, releasing calcium and phosphorus into the blood ?
A. osteoclast B. osteoblast
C. all of the above D. none of these

145 . What percentage of calcium is absorbed ?
A. 10% B. 20%
C. 30% D. 40%