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136 . Which vitamins serve important protective functions as antioxidants?
A. Vitamins A B. Vitamins C
C. Vitamins E D. all of the above

137 . Provide structure in forming bones and teeth. Help maintain normal heart rhythm, muscle contraction, neural conductivity, and acid base balance Regulate cellular metabolism by becoming part of enzymes
A. Choline B. Minerals
C. Vitamins B1 to B12 D. All vitamins

138 . How many major minerals are -
A. 3 B. 5
C. 7 D. 9

139 . Major minerals are -
A. Calcium B. Phosphorus
C. Potassium D. all of the above

140 . Trace minerals are -
A. Iron B. Zinc
C. Iodine D. all of the above