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106 . Which vitamin promotes bone and tooth formation
A. B6 B. B9
C. C D. D

107 . Occurs when vitamins are not excreted effectively and accumulate in the tissue → toxic reaction
A. Hypotension B. Hypertension
C. Hypovitaminosis D. Hypervitaminosis

108 . Which fat soluble vitamin Forms visual purple for night vision (visual pigment).Maintains epithelial tissue in skin and mucous membranes.Promotes bone formation
A. vitamin A B. vitamin B
C. vitamin D D. vitamin K

109 . Which fat soluble vitamin acts as hormone to increase intestinal absorption of calcium
A. vitamin A B. vitamin C
C. vitamin D D. vitamin K

110 . Rickets in children and Osteomalacia in adult is a result in the deficiency of
A. vitamin A B. vitamin D
C. vitamin E D. vitamin K