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401 . How we can view a cell comment ?
A. click the comment command on the view menu
B. click the Display comment command on the window menu
C. position the mouse pointer over the cell
D. click the edit comment commands on the Insert menu

402 . Which of the following keyboard shortcut can be used for creating a chart from the selected cells ?
A. F2 B. F5
C. F10 D. F11

403 . Formula palette is used to -
A. create and edit formulas containing functions
B. format cells containing numbers
C. entered assumptions data
D. copy all cells

404 . A value used in a formula that does not change is called a -
A. Static B. Constant
C. Variable D. None of above

405 . A Spreadsheet contains -
A. Rows only B. Columns only
C. Rows and Columns D. None of above