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11 . The provisions relating to service tax are given in:
A. The Service tax Act, 1994
B. Chapter V of the Finance Act, 1994
C. Chapter V and VA of the Finance Act, 1994
D. Chapter VII and VIII of the Finance Act, 2004

12 . The power to levy service tax is now provided by the Constitution vide entry No.
A. 54 of the State list 
B. 92C of the Union list
C. 93 of the Union list
D. 97 of the Union list

13 . Service tax is applicable to:
A. Whole of India
B. Whole of India except Jammu and Kashmir
C. Whole of India, except Jammu and Kashmir and Union Territories of Dadra, Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu
D. None of these

14 . Service tax was introduced in India on the recommendation of:
A. Kelkar Committee
B. Dr. Raja J Challiah Committee
C. Dr. Yashwant Sinha Committee
D. Dr. Man Mohan Singh Committee 

15 . Service tax is levied in India by following the:
A. Selective approach
B. Comprehensive approach
C. All of the above
D. None of these