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21 . If the administrative authority within a department is vested in a single individual, then that system is known as—
A. Board B. Bureau
C. Council D. Commission

22 . Globalisation means—
A. Foreign capitalist transactions
B. The growth of a single unified world market
C. Financial market system is centered in a single state
D. Geographical location of a firm is of utmost importance

23 . By whom was the ‘Managerial Grid’ developed ?
A. Blake and White B. Blake and Mouton
C. Blake and Schmidt D. Mouton and Shophan

24 . Who among the following says that public administration includes the operations of only the executive branch of government ?
A. L. D. White
B. Luther Gulick
C. W. F. Willoughby
D. L. D. White and Luther Gulick

25 . The concept of the ‘zone of indifference’ is associated with—
A. Authority B. Motivation
C. Leadership D. Decision-Making