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21 . Which one is different for the neutral atoms of the isotopes of an element ?
A. Atomic numbers B. Atomic weights
C. Number of protons D. Number of electrons

22 . The atomic weight and atomic number of an element are A and Z respectively. What is the number of neutrons in the atom of that element ?
A. A B. Z
C. A+Z D. A- Z

23 . The velocity of thermal (slow) neutrons triggering nuclear fission reaction (having energy equal to 0.025 eV) is about __________ metres/second.
A. 1100 B. 2200
C. 3300 D. 4400

24 . The function of moderators in nuclear reactor is to
A. control the chain reaction.
B. absorb the secondary neutrons.
C. slow down the secondary neutrons.
D. none of these.

25 . Thorium can be converted into U-233 in a __________ reactor.
A. thermal B. fast breeder
C. swimming pool D. liquid metal cooled