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16 . The second underground nuclear test was conducted by India at
A. Narora B. Pokhran
C. Jaisalmer D. Kalpakkan

17 . Which of the following is not a naturally occurring nuclear fuel ?
A. Uranium-238 B. Thorium-233
C. Plutonium-239 D. None of these

18 . The mass number of an element is not changed, when it emits __________ radiations.
A. α & β B. γ & α
C. β & γ D. α, β, & γ

19 . Gas cooling as compared to water cooling of nuclear reactors
A. can not attain a high temperature.
B. is more efficient as gas has a higher specific heat.
C. can produce only saturated steam for feeding to power turbine.
D. none of these.

20 . Which of the following may be used to measure the rate of nuclear disintegration?
A. Cyclotron
B. Cold chamber
C. Mass spectrograph
D. Geiger-Muller Counter