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11 . Which of the following may not need a moderator ?
A. Candu reactor
B. Fast breeder reactor
C. Homogeneous reactor
D. Pressurised water reactor

12 . The decrease in the atomic number is not observed in case of
A. α-emission B. β-emission
C. electron capture D. positron emission

13 . Which of the following may not need a control rod ?
A. Candu reactor.
B. Fast breeder reactor.
C. Liquid metal cooled reactor.
D. None of these.

14 . The decay product of tritium (a beta emitter) is
A. helium B. lithium
C. hydrogen D. deuterium

15 . One ‘amu’ is equivalent to
A. 931J B. 931 eV
C. 9.31 MeV D. 931 Mev