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1 . Which is the most commonly used molten metal for cooling of nuclear reactors ?
A. Zinc B. Sodium
C. Calcium D. Mercury

2 . Commercial power generation from fusion reactor is not yet possible, because
A. it is difficult to initiate fusion reaction.
B. it is difficult to control fusion reaction.
C. the fuel required (e.g. deuterium and tritium) is scarce.
D. quantity of fuel required for initiating fusion reaction is prohibitively high.

3 . Heat is generated in a nuclear reactor (thermal) by
A. fusion of atoms of uranium.
B. fission of U-235 by neutrons.
C. absorption of neutrons in uranium atoms.
D. combustion of a nuclear fuel e.g. uranium.

4 . The amount of a radioisotope remaining undecayed after a time equal to four times its half life, will be __________ percent.
A. 2.25 B. 4.25
C. 6.25 D. 8.25

5 . An electron has a mass that is approximately __________ that of the proton.
A. 1
C. 1836 (approximately)
D. 1/1836 (approximately)