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1 . Stage of PLC -
A. Introduction  
B. Growth
C. Maturity & Decline
D. All of the above

2 . Market control process consists
A. Correcting Deviations
B. Performance Appraisal
C. Formation of Performance standards
D. All of the above

3 . The marketing plan provides both
A. The vision and control
B. The vision and the post
C. The vision and the cost
D. The vision and the direction

4 . "A marketing policy is a statement of a course of action which will be followed under a given set of circumstances." Who said it?
A. McCarthy B. Manson and Rath
C. William J. Stanton D. None of these

5 . Marketing research does not normally
A. Describe the current situation
B. Gather environmental information
C. Provide a continuous source of information
D. Relate to all aspects of marketing operations