41 . Who drafted a Will for the first time, in the world?
A. Napoleon
B. Roger, King of Sicily
C. Daniel Defoe
D. None of the above

42 . Who wrote 'Judicial Review of Confrontation'?
A. Justice Bliagawathy
B. Justice V.R. Krishnalyer
C. Justice H.R. Khanna
D. N.K. Palkhewala

43 . Under which act can a person be prosecuted if he is found to be drunk in a city?
A. City Municipal Act
B. Indian Penal Code
C. Madras Prohibition Offenders Act
D. Under Sec. 144 of Criminal Procedure Code

44 . A person cannot make
A. Two wills
B. Two sales
C. Two marriages if he is a Muslim
D. None of the above

45 . Who appoints a magistrate?
A. State Government
B. High Court
C. Collector of a District
D. None of the above