36 . Which form of the Government has 'Division of Powers' and 'Independent Judiciary' as the important characteristics?
A. Unitary form of Government
B. Federal form of Government
C. Socialistic form of Government
D. Republic form of Government

37 . What is meant by 'Conscription'?
A. Sudden forcible seizure of Govt.
B. Compulsorily enlisting citizens for the service of the state
C. A legally recognized place of residence in a country
D. None of the above

38 . A jurist can become
A. Supreme Court judge
B. High court judge
C. Auditor General of India
D. None of the above

39 . A High Court has no advisory jurisdiction. Is the statement correct?
C. If the Governor insists
D. None of the above

40 . Where can a High Court Judge practise on retirement?
A. In any other High Court
B. In the same court where he was the judge
C. Only in Tribunals of the State where he was the judge
D. None of the above