31 . Who was the first woman chief justice of the Chennai High Court?
A. Fatima
B. Anna Chandy
C. Kantamani Bhatnagar
D. So far there is no woman chief justice

32 . Dower (Mahr) is a well known branch of which law?
A. Mohammedan Law B. Hindu Law
C. English Law D. Parsi Law

33 . Whose appointment as a High Court judge was quashed by the Supreme Court in the legal history?
A. Justice Rainaswamy
B. Justice Ray
C. Justice K.N. Srivatsava
D. None of the above

34 . Who is the prime accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case?
A. V. Prabhakaran
B. Kittu
C. Sivarasan
D. Dhanu

35 . What do you mean by the term 'Lockout'?
A. A key for a lock lost
B. When the factory is closed once and for all
C. When the factory is closed by the employer to force the workers to accept the imposed terms
D. None of the above