26 . Which of the following act applies to a Government Company?
A. Indian Partnership Act
B. Companies Act
C. Reserve Bank Act
D. Indian Contract Act

27 . Which country follows the law "Any woman not giving birth to a child can be divorced'?
A. Sweden B. China
C. Scotland D. Denmark

28 . In America, a person can be a Supreme Court judge till
A. He maintains a good health
B. He is in the good books of the President of America
C. He completes 75 years
D. None of the above

29 . Which state in India first abolished the Land Tax?
A. Andhra Pradesh B. Assam
C. Haryana D. Meghalaya

30 . For how many years a person has to be a High Court judge to become a Supreme Court Judge?
A. 3 B. 5
C. 10 D. 1