21 . Who was the first Chief Justice of Free India?
A. Justice Kania
B. Justice Shelat
C. Justice MuthuswamyIyer
D. None of the above

22 . Who was the first Chief Justice of England?
A. Macaulay B. Marshall
C. Coke D. Denning

23 . Who was the first Law Minister of India?
A. Dr. Ambedkar B. Alladi Krishnaswamy
C. A.K. Sen D. K.M. Munslii

24 . Name the famous lawyer who appeared for the accused in the Alipore Conspiracy case.
A. Tejbahadur Sapru B. S. Madhavan Nair
C. Chittaranian Das
D. Chittaranian Das

25 . If there is a dispute about the election of President in India, to whom will it be referred?
A. Attorney General of India
B. Parliament
C. Supreme Court
D. Chairman of U.P.S.0