11 . Which of the following doctrines were developed by the Court to control the administrative actions?
A. Judicial Activism.
B. Doctrine of Legitimate Expectations.
C. Doctrine of Separation of Power and Rule of Law.
D. All of the above

12 . A writ of mandamus will not lie against
A. President of India B. Parliament
C. Local authorities D. Courts and Tribunals

13 . “A legal person is any subject matter other than a human being to which law attributes personality.” Who said these words?
A. Austin B. Savigny
C. Salmond D. Bentham

14 . “Pure theory of Law is an exercise in logic and not life.” This observation was made byA
A. Harold Laski B. Savigny
C. Pound D. Maine

15 . “Law is derived from social facts and not dependent on State authority but on social compulsion.” Who said this?
A. Pound
B. Ehrlich
D. Friedman