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11 . Major amendments to IT Act 2000 was introduced in the form of IT (amendment) Act 2008, which came into effect on
A. 27 October,2009 B. 27 October,2008
C. 01 June,2008 D. 03 July,2009

12 . IT Act 2000 amended various sections of which of the following Acts?
A. Indian Penal Code 1860
B. Reserve Bank of India Act 1934
C. Indian Evidence Act 1872 & Bankers Book Evidence Act 1891
D. All of the above

13 . What is the penalty for publishing images of a person's private parts without consent, as per IT Act 2000?
A. 5 years imprisonment or 5 lakh rupees penalty or both
B. Life imprisonment
C. 3 years imprisonment or 2 lakh rupees penalty or both
D. None of the above

14 . Which section of IT Act deals with Child pornography?
A. Section 67F B. Section 67D
C. Section 67C D. Section 67B

15 . The following punishment is mentioned in which section of IT Act 2000 '3 years of imprisonment and/or 5 lakh repees penalty for first conviction & 5 years of imprisonment and/or 10 lakh rupees penalt
A. Section 67 B. Section 66
C. Section 65 D. Section 64