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6 . Which section of IT Act deals with Hacking of computer systems and its penalties?
A. Section 64 B. Section 65
C. Section 66 D. Section 67

7 . Which section of IT Act deals with Cyber terrorism?
A. Section 66C B. Section 66B
C. Section 66F D. Section 66A

8 . Which section of IT Act was invalidated by Supreme Court of India?
A. Section 66D B. Section 66F
C. Section 66B D. Section 66A

9 . The date on which Supreme Court of India invalidated Section 66A of IT Act 2000:
A. 24.03.2015 B. 01.06.2015
C. 31.03.2015 D. 01.01.2015

10 . What is the maximum penalty for damage to Computer, Computer systems, unauthorized access, download of data, infecting with virus, denial of access etc as per Section 43?
A. Rs. 5 crore B. Rs.1 crore
C.  Rs.75 lakh D. Rs. 50 lakh