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26 . The enquiry of Centre State relation is conducted by
A. Santhanam committee
B. Sarkaria committee
C. Ashok Mehta committee
D. None of these

27 . When was the constituent assembly established to frame the constitution of India?
A. 6th December, 1946 B. 26th November, 1949
C. 26th December, 1949 D. 10th June, 1946

28 . The Indian constitution is a
A. brief constitution
B. very brief constitution
C. medium constitution
D. bulkiest constitution

29 . The constitution of India is
A. flexible
B. rigid
C. partly rigid and partly flexible
D. none of these

30 . How many items the concurrent list comprises in the Indian Constitution?
A. 47 items B. 66 items
C. 96 items D. 99 items