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21 . According to many scholars the Puranas were completed during the reign of
A. Parishit B. Mahapadma Nand
C. Uday D. All the above

22 . The Greek ambassador Megasthenes came in the court of
A. Ajatasatru B. Udayi
C. Mahapadma Nanda D. Chandragupta Maurya

23 . The book ‘Rajatarangini’ was written by
A. Al-beruni B. Kalhan
C. Kalidas D. Rajshekhar

24 . The Harappan civilization was discovered in
A. 1864-65 B. 1920-21
C. 1853-54 D. 1891-92

25 . The relics of this civilization were first noticed at
A. Mohenjodaro B. Harappa
C. Rojdi D. Kalibangan