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16 . Muslim League first demanded partition of India in
A. 1906 B. 1916
C. 1940 D. 1946

17 . Who among the following is known as the ‘Heroine of 1942 Quit India Movement’?
A. Dr. Annie Besant B. Suchitra Kriplani
C. Aruna Asaf Ali D. Sarojini Naidu

18 . Brahma Samaj mainly insisted upon
A. Abolition of sati
B. Abolition of child marriage
C. Monotheism
D. Reintroduction of converted Hindus

19 . The first to start a joint stock company to trade with India were the
A. Portuguese B. Dutch
C. French D. Danish

20 . What is the number of main Puranas?
A. 14 B. 16
C. 18 D. 20