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6 . Which one among the following States shares common boundaries with maximum number of other States?
A. Madhya Pradesh B. West Bengal
C. Chhatisgarh D. Andhra Pradesh

7 . The State of Sikkim is surrounded by-
A. China, Nepal, Bhutan and West Bengal
B. Bhutan, Nepal, West Bengal and Assam
C. China, Nepal, West Bengal and Assam
D. China, Bhutan West Bengal and Assam

8 . Amarkantak plateau in the Maikal hills marks the origin of the river:
A. Gandak B. Chambal
C. Narmada D. Ghaggar

9 . Which state has smallest land area?
A. Goa B. Nagaland
C. Sikkim D. Tripura

10 . Considering the locations of mountains in India, which one among the following is in right sequence from south to north?
A. Doddabetta, Kailash, Dhaulagiri, Vindhyachal
B. Doddabetta, Vindhyachal, Dhaulagiri, Kailash
C. Dhaularigi, Kailash, Doddabetta, Vindhyachal
D. Dhaulagiri, Vindhyachal, Doddabetta, Kailash