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451 . Devaluation of the currency is associated with
A. Reduction in the value of currency
B. Increase in the value of currency
C. Both (A) and (B)
D. None of these

452 . The Budget where income is greater than expenditure is called as
A. Surplus Budget B. Deficit Budget
C. Balanced Budget D. Zero Based Budget

453 . What is the condition of Total Utility when Marginal Utility is positive?
A. Maximum B. Diminishing
C. Increasing D. Zero

454 . In which of the following country currency value in relation to US dollar was lowest in the last week of July, 2016?
A. India B. Pakistan
C. Sri Lanka D. Bangladesh

455 . How many comapnies share are included in Bombay stock exchange Index and National Stock exchange Index respectively?
A. 30 and 100 B. 50 and 100
C. 30 and 50 D. 100 and 50