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21 . Who was the first administrator-statesman to attempt planning as a means for economic development?
A. Sir CP Ramaswami Aiyyar
B. M Viswesvarayya
C. VT Krishnamachari
D. C Rajagopalachari

22 . An economy is at the take off stage on its path to development when it
A. becomes stagnant
B. begins steady growth
C. is liberalized
D. gets maximum foreign aid

23 . Which of the following is the basic characteristic of Oligopoly?
A. a few sellers, one buyer
B. a few sellers, many buyers
C. a few sellers, a few buyers
D. many sellers, a few buyers

24 . The aim of which of the Five Year Plans was to correct the disequilibrium in the economy?
A. First Five Year Plan
B. Second Five Year Plan
C. Third Five Year Plan
D. Fourth Five Year Plan

25 . Which of the following Five Year Plans recognized human development as the core of all developmental efforts?
A. Eighth Five Year Plan
B. Seventh Five Year Plan
C. Fifth Five Year Plan
D. Third Five Year Plan